Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dia de los Muertos Part I

Dia de los Muertos, is by far one of my favorite holidays throughout the year. I love everything about it. I love the season it falls under, the creativity that has come to surround it, and of course the meaning behind the holiday; a beautiful and joyful way of remembering our loved ones who have passed. Here are a few pictures from my family and myself which try and capture some of the festivities here in L.A.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Art In The Streets

     Happy May everyone!!  Wow a new month already, I almost can't believe how fast April came and went.  Nonetheless, I'm happy May is here, hopefully there won't be anymore accidental blog deletions this month :(  I am really excited for new experiences, memories to make and of course...more blogs to come :)  Well, let me get started on the first blog of the month.  Yesterday, I spent the day with my family at an amazing art exhibit at MOCA's Geffen Contemporary.  The exhibit; Art In The Streets, showcased the history and evolvement of the graffiti art movement.  The exhibit depicted different aspects of graffiti;  how the art began (from very humble and not-so-glamourous beginnings),  it's development as an art form, to thus reaching mainstream society and culture. 

At its inception, graffiti was used as a form of territorial marking amongst gangs (sadly this is still the case in some places), but today you can find it being used to create political and social awareness, influencing other forms of art, it has even come full-circle to help promote peace and celebration of our differences.

Artists featured in the exhibit:

Andre. Banksy. Chaz Bojorquez. Bill Daniel. Cheryl Dunn. Craig R. Stecyk III. Craig Costello. Crash. Eine. Eric Brunetti. Estevan Oriol. Fab 5 Freddy Freedom. Futura. Gordon Matta-Clark. Irak/ Dash Snow Invader. Gusmano Cesaretti. Kaws. Henry Chalfant. Jamie Reid. Keith Haring. Kenny Scharf. Lady Pink. Lee Quinones. Loomit. Margaret Killgallen. Martha Cooper. Martin Wong. Miss Van. Mister Cartoon. Mode 2. Neckface. OS Gemeos. Saber. Shepard Fairey. Spike Jonze. Stelios Faitakis. Steve Grody. Retna.  Revok. Risk. Roa. Teen Witch. Tempt. The Chosen Few. Wild Style. + many more :) 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Native Poppy


Poncho Blouse-H&M, Jacket-Hurley, Boots-Target

Hope you enjoy these first photos of myself :)

...and a special thank you to my baby sister who took these photos!!  Great job mija...ily. 

♥ mango poppy

Friday, April 8, 2011

Test. Test.

Hello there, my name is Amber and this is my first and brand new blog!! :) I'm really very excited about my new online adventure and I hope you all enjoy viewing my future posts as much as I will enjoy creating them :) Here is a picture of my current obsession; as you will soon come to find, I love nail polish, which was why I was so excited when I discovered this amazing brand. It's American Apparel's Nail Lacquer, and let me tell you. Not only were they inexpensive (especially compared with other quality polishes, about three for fifteen dollars), but they also have the most beautiful array colors, and they didn't chip on me the first or second day of wear (I always thought I was just cursed). The application was great too, you just need a couple of coats and that's it! Anyway, this is not a very good picture but hopefully, my picture-taking will improve as my blogging continues. Thank you for visiting and hope you follow for future posts.

The photo above taken from

  ♥ mango poppy